Apr 122022

Oh great God, please watch over me as I walk today’s path. I humbly ask that you take control of everything I encounter. If it be trials, hardships, or disappointments, use them to make me better; to make me more like You. If it be blessings, then help me to recognize them and rejoice in them with a grateful heart. Whichever comes my way or crosses my path, may I lay down in peace tonight, and be thankful.

May 152011
A fluffy ball of dandelion seeds

Sam held up the dandelion stem with it’s white fluffy seed ball ready to blow into the wind.

“What are the odds this dandelion will get me my wish?” he asked.

“That depends on what you wish for,” I responded.  “Of course, even if you DO get what you wish for, it’s almost certain that it is NOT because of the dandelion.  But on the other hand, there is one wish the dandelion will fulfill.  You could take a big breath, and just before you blow on that puffy ball of seeds you could wish for . . .  more dandelions.”

Sometimes I feel my prayers are like dandelion wishes. If I pray for what God already wants to do, then He might do it in His own time. But why pray for something God is already going to do anyway? Of course I could spend my prayers trying to convince God to see it my way and grant what I want. But if I can convince God to do what I want, instead of what He would do, then something is wrong with the whole picture.

So, in the end, I just try to talk to God about everything and let the dandelion seeds blow where they may.  He may not grant me everything I’ve “wished” for, but in the end, at least I have shared my heart.  And I think perhaps, that is the best prayer of all.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.
– Philippians 4:6-7 NLT

Apr 152011

The other day I was in the bathroom when I whispered a prayer.  The thought hit me that it was a strange place to pray.  I know the bible teaches us that God is everywhere and we should pray always, but is it really appropriate to talk to the holy, righteous, almighty God, the creator of the universe, while standing in front of a toilet or taking a shower?

I am always torn between two conflicting emotions when thinking about this.  I do believe there is something lost when we become too “familiar” with God.  We lose sight of his wonder and majesty.  We begin to imagine him as our own personal Santa Clause in the sky, providing the goodies we add to our own little wish list.  This doesn’t seem right for the God who deserves all honor, glory, and worship.  When I see Him as Holy, almighty, all powerful ruler of all, I feel the need to cover up, bow my head, and kneel.  To worship.  If He does not deserve our respect and reverence, who does? 

On the other hand, I believe the primary purpose of our very being is to know Him.  To have intimacy with Him.  To learn to live and rejoice in constant togetherness with Him.  He knows my heart.  He knows my every act and my every thought, wherever I am.  I might as well tell Him anything, anywhere.  He created me.  He understands me.  He sees me in the shower whether I talk to Him there or not.  When I realize that, it makes me want to bow my head and worship my wonderful God even more.   And that’s exactly why I think you can worship in your heart, talk to a holy God, and come clean in the shower, all at the same time.

Jan 272011

Her surgery went well.  The tumor was benign.  We had prayed for that.   We had hoped for that.  We even dared to expect that.  But we knew it could have been otherwise, so we thank God for an answer to prayer and the result we had been hoping for.  I don’t always get what I want.  I don’t always get what I ask for.  I don’t know why some stories have happy endings and others do not.  I wish I did.  It might save me some worry.  As it is, all I can do is continue to talk with God, letting him know my needs and concerns, believing that no matter what happens He is there, He cares, and He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
     – Hebrews 11:6  KJV

May 172010

As he walked through the parking lot on the way to the shooting range, my son placed the hearing protectors over his ears. 

“It’s quiet,” he quipped.  “This would be a good place to pray.”

I looked at him and smiled.  It struck me kind of funny that he could stand in the parking lot, simply covering his hears, and suddenly declare himself transported to a place of prayer.  It wasn’t that he was in a quiet place, it was just that he had made his place quiet.  Sam was right.  It’s the perfect attitude for talking with God.