Apr 152011

The other day I was in the bathroom when I whispered a prayer.  The thought hit me that it was a strange place to pray.  I know the bible teaches us that God is everywhere and we should pray always, but is it really appropriate to talk to the holy, righteous, almighty God, the creator of the universe, while standing in front of a toilet or taking a shower?

I am always torn between two conflicting emotions when thinking about this.  I do believe there is something lost when we become too “familiar” with God.  We lose sight of his wonder and majesty.  We begin to imagine him as our own personal Santa Clause in the sky, providing the goodies we add to our own little wish list.  This doesn’t seem right for the God who deserves all honor, glory, and worship.  When I see Him as Holy, almighty, all powerful ruler of all, I feel the need to cover up, bow my head, and kneel.  To worship.  If He does not deserve our respect and reverence, who does? 

On the other hand, I believe the primary purpose of our very being is to know Him.  To have intimacy with Him.  To learn to live and rejoice in constant togetherness with Him.  He knows my heart.  He knows my every act and my every thought, wherever I am.  I might as well tell Him anything, anywhere.  He created me.  He understands me.  He sees me in the shower whether I talk to Him there or not.  When I realize that, it makes me want to bow my head and worship my wonderful God even more.   And that’s exactly why I think you can worship in your heart, talk to a holy God, and come clean in the shower, all at the same time.