May 292022

The book of Revelation promises blessings to those who read it out loud, so that is what I am doing.  It’s full of visions and imagery, scenes of countless multitudes gathered around a throne in eternal worship of God. Doesn’t that sound boring? Maybe when I get there, I’ll feel differently. I can imagine that. I can also imagine something else.  

Imagine I get to Heaven and after spending a few hundred years seeing the sites and meeting the saints, I decide I want to go exploring. I set out to explore the galaxy God has made. In an instant I zip to the edge of the Milky Way and visit the farthest planet circling the farthest star. I get there, step out on the farthest ledge, and look up. Guess what I see? My glorious Father God. From here I can still see Him in all his glory. I can still worship him with all the multitudes.  

I must be crazy. I thought I was leaving Heaven. I thought I was moving far, far away from the throngs worshiping God. How amazing it is that I can be so far away and yet still worship God in concert with all the rest of his children. I decide to leave the Milky Way and find the farthest galaxy I can find. I’m there in a blink, but He is already there when I get there. I look up, see my wonderful God, and in that distant and beautiful galaxy on the edge of the universe, I worship with my brothers and sisters.  

Here’s the problem.  I pictured a god sitting on a throne with crowds around, me standing in the back, stretching my neck and straining my eyes to see him way, way far away.  Peter, John, Paul, and the saints on the front rows, and me, way back in the cheap seats. God’s not like that.  He’s bigger. Just like the sun can be present and seen by millions and millions of people at the same time, so can God. Yes, I suppose we will all be able to worship God together no matter where we are. No matter where we go, no matter how far away we explore, even if we go to the vast edge of the universe, we can still look up and see God. Because the entire universe is His throne, and He’s big enough.

Jan 202020

I remember when I was young and my kids were younger, we would play together, performing some fun thing, swinging them around in circles, tickling, somersaulting… After every flip, the kids would say, “Do it again.” I would always get tired of it before the kids. Sooner or later I would say, “No more. This is the last one.” I enjoy blessing, giving of myself and making my kids happy, but doing the same thing over and over gets old and tiring. There is a limit to how much and how long I can do it.

This past Sunday, as the start time for the second worship service at our church was approaching, I thought about this. I was playing bass and managing the tracks this Sunday. I had prayed for God’s help and blessing for the first service. We needed God’s power to help us lead the worship in such a way that goes beyond just our natural, fallible talents. and of course He answered the prayer. Now it was almost time for the second service and I found myself humbly asking Him if He would “Do it again.” I felt a little guilty for always asking for help for the same things. I wondered, “Don’t you get tired of me asking for help over and over? How many times can I ask you God before you tell me ‘Enough.'” Almost as soon as I asked, the answer came back . . . “Infinite. Unlimited.” And He did it again.

Apr 152011

The other day I was in the bathroom when I whispered a prayer.  The thought hit me that it was a strange place to pray.  I know the bible teaches us that God is everywhere and we should pray always, but is it really appropriate to talk to the holy, righteous, almighty God, the creator of the universe, while standing in front of a toilet or taking a shower?

I am always torn between two conflicting emotions when thinking about this.  I do believe there is something lost when we become too “familiar” with God.  We lose sight of his wonder and majesty.  We begin to imagine him as our own personal Santa Clause in the sky, providing the goodies we add to our own little wish list.  This doesn’t seem right for the God who deserves all honor, glory, and worship.  When I see Him as Holy, almighty, all powerful ruler of all, I feel the need to cover up, bow my head, and kneel.  To worship.  If He does not deserve our respect and reverence, who does? 

On the other hand, I believe the primary purpose of our very being is to know Him.  To have intimacy with Him.  To learn to live and rejoice in constant togetherness with Him.  He knows my heart.  He knows my every act and my every thought, wherever I am.  I might as well tell Him anything, anywhere.  He created me.  He understands me.  He sees me in the shower whether I talk to Him there or not.  When I realize that, it makes me want to bow my head and worship my wonderful God even more.   And that’s exactly why I think you can worship in your heart, talk to a holy God, and come clean in the shower, all at the same time.

Jul 192010

The song we sang in church yesterday morning said “We worship you for who you are.”  As I face one of those “dry” periods in my relationship with God, it came alive with new meaning to me.  

Today God, I worship not who you seem to be, but who you are.