Haiti Mission Trips



Haiti Youth Retreat 2016

Haiti Youth Retreat 2014

Haiti Youth Retreat 2013



Haiti Youth Retreat 2012

Preparations are underway.  Check out this page for details of the Haiti Youth Retreat, 2012!



Getting Ready for Haiti Youth Retreat 2011

Plans are now underway for the Haiti Youth Retreat 2011.   Jean Alix is planning to have the retreat right there in Gilbert this year, so I am expecting a LOT of kids.   The date for the retreat is March 5th – 8th.  I’ll be going on the 4th, and coming home on the 9th.  Be in prayer that God will do mighty things for these kids!  For more details about this trip, including a list of things we need for the trip, click here.



Haiti Youth Retreat – Feb. 2010

We’re getting ready for the 2010 Haiti Youth Retreat.  This year’s theme will be “War & Peace.”   For more information, check out this link.



Haiti Youth Retreat – Feb. 2009

Jacque and I went to Haiti for the Youth Retreat in February ’09.  Check out the slide show below with some of the movies and pictures.  Also, here’s a link to something I wrote when I returned.


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  2 Responses to “Haiti Mission Trips”

  1. Sometimes I miss Haiti so so much.

  2. Me too. Sometimes I miss it and am so excited about the chance to go back. I always miss our friends and family there, but the Youth Retreat is hard work. Sometimes I feel I just don’t have the energy to do it again. It takes so much out of you; tugs at your heart; spends every emotion in you. But if God is there working, He can count me in.

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