Here you may find links to a few things I have learned.  Nothing that will change your life in any way that really counts.  But if it happens to be something you were looking for, then I guess you found it. 😉


Internet Explorer Version 8 Crashes
Having trouble with your IE 8 crashing when you visit certain sites?  This link  fixed it for me.


AT&T U-verse Remote Codes
Trying to program your U-verse remote?  These worked for me and my Vizio TV.   I have also listed the HDTV section of codes just in case you have something other than a Vizio TV.
AT&T U-verse remote codes for Vizio TV


Astonomy Links and Information
If you, like me, enjoy looking at the night sky every now and then, this list of links and information might be helpful.
Astronomy Page


Trying to make the special function keys work in Irssi ConnectBot Android app?
Go to the Android settings, language and keyboard, then turn off all the “automatic” stuff.  i.e.  Don’t auto capitalize, don’t auto add space, etc.  Now the “ctrl-1” “ctrl-h” etc. key sequences should be interpreted and work correctly!

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