May 112019
Picture of peonies

Romans 1:20 says that creation teaches us about God, that we can learn about God’s nature simply by looking at his creation. With the reality of that truth sinking in my head, I am beginning to wonder what I could learn about God simply by taking a few minutes today to examine his creation?

What do the Spring flowers teach me? What can I learn about God from the peonies by the mailbox? Does a yellow dandelion in my yard say something about God’s character? When I smell the wonderful aroma of a Magnolia blossom, why is my brain filled with a sense of awe? And what about the spider lilies, whose leaves are dying? They will be hiding in the ground, unseen until the fall, when they will explode out of the ground to paint their fiery red display across our yard, proving that life has been there all along.

What can I say? If a few Spring flowers are my teacher, then I must know that God loves beauty, and color, and intricate, surprising shapes, smells, and textures. He wants us to see it too, for he scatters it everywhere. But he doesn’t leave it too long. He doesn’t want us to get used to it and start ignoring it. Even though it may be gone for a while, it comes back, and we appreciate it all over again. There are different flowers for different seasons. And even in the Winter, there are icicles, frost, and an endless variety of snowflakes. And by my driveway, even if they have to peek from under the snow, will be the buds on the camellia bush, a beautiful promise of the coming Spring.

Jul 182011

Sam Watches the Falls

We took a short vacation this week-end and went to one of my favorite places: Cloudland Canyon State Park.  I never get tired of looking at the natural beauty there.   On Sunday morning, Sam and I skipped a traditional worship service and made the 3 mile hike down (and back up!) more than a thousand stairs.  Near the bottom of the canyon, we worshiped the Creator of two beautiful waterfalls.  We stood for a while, immersed in nature’s spectacular visual display.  Every direction, every perspective, provided a feast for the eyes.

Finally, we just sat for a while and watched the water fall over the canyon bluff.  Sam said it was like watching “nature’s TV.”   I think he is right.  My compliments and admiration go to the Producer of the show.



Jul 012010

My vacation this year has reminded me how much I like nature.  Sometimes I feel like I could never get enough of the mountains and the beach.  They are beautiful places that show off the wonder of God’s creation.

On this vacation, we headed for the beach.  We stopped along the way and spent one night at a swampy lake in Georgia. 

Sam paddles through the cypress trees

It was beautiful, but after a little while, the heat and the  bugs started bothering us, so we made for the air conditioned comfort of our nice bug-free camping trailer.  The next morning, we pulled up camp and finished our two-day journey to the beach. Continue reading »