Jul 182011

Sam Watches the Falls

We took a short vacation this week-end and went to one of my favorite places: Cloudland Canyon State Park.  I never get tired of looking at the natural beauty there.   On Sunday morning, Sam and I skipped a traditional worship service and made the 3 mile hike down (and back up!) more than a thousand stairs.  Near the bottom of the canyon, we worshiped the Creator of two beautiful waterfalls.  We stood for a while, immersed in nature’s spectacular visual display.  Every direction, every perspective, provided a feast for the eyes.

Finally, we just sat for a while and watched the water fall over the canyon bluff.  Sam said it was like watching “nature’s TV.”   I think he is right.  My compliments and admiration go to the Producer of the show.



  2 Responses to “My Favorite Channel”

  1. Beautiful… indeed. And thanks for the refreshment.

  2. Thanks Son, you touch my heart. It is indeed the best channel on earth. It is all about the Producer.
    Wish I could have been there to share the moment with you and Sam. dad

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