Mar 262015

A Sign Along the Trail


I recently returned from a weekend of hiking and camping with my dad.  We saw cool sights.  We walked until our feet and knees were screaming “No more!”  We came home dirty and tired and sore, and with memories that will last forever.


Dad and Me Taking a Break at The Stone Door


I could tell you every detail of where we went, what we saw, and what we did.  I could try to explain the experiences we shared, the hardships we faced, and the joy of the journey.  But you will not truly understand until you try it yourself.

A journey with God is that way too.  Don’t sit on the sideline.  Get out there and walk with Him.

  3 Responses to “Life’s Adventures”

  1. Awesome… enjoy every moment Mark. Sorry I’ve been missing from the alphaideas site. Got it back in my favorites now… God bless you and dad. 🙂 Kerry

    • Kerry and Sabra,

      Thanks for the comments. I’ve been slacking off a little on the blog reading and writing myself, but plan to renew my efforts a bit starting . . . later this month. 😉


  2. Beautiful, Mark. Great photo of you and your dad.

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