Mar 262015

A Sign Along the Trail


I recently returned from a weekend of hiking and camping with my dad.  We saw cool sights.  We walked until our feet and knees were screaming “No more!”  We came home dirty and tired and sore, and with memories that will last forever.


Dad and Me Taking a Break at The Stone Door


I could tell you every detail of where we went, what we saw, and what we did.  I could try to explain the experiences we shared, the hardships we faced, and the joy of the journey.  But you will not truly understand until you try it yourself.

A journey with God is that way too.  Don’t sit on the sideline.  Get out there and walk with Him.

Feb 132015

Lately, I have been thinking about intimacy.  I can’t say whether or not everyone longs for it, but I believe at least most people do.

When we hear of intimacy we often think of sex. That can be a part of it, but it is not its essence.  Real intimacy is that private bond two share when nobody else is around.  Nobody else is involved. Just me and one other.  The closeness of which nobody else can be a part.  One is alone, three’s a crowd, but two can be intimate.

Sometimes I long for intimacy. I want intimacy from true love. Love can provide intimacy to another because it loves. And love can provide intimacy to another because it wants to be loved. The best intimacy is both. I don’t think true intimacy can exist long without both parties providing both.

I don’t want my wife just to give intimacy to me because she loves me. I want her to desire intimacy from me because she loves me.

God does both. Imagine that.

Mar 252014

I just spent a weekend at a hotel overlooking the busiest airport in the world.  Not 200 yards away from my balcony perch, a constant flow of airplanes took off and landed on multiple parallel runways.  I marveled at the technology.  I marveled at the wonder of the forces that could hold thousands of tons of aluminium, steal, and human cargo in the air.  And I wondered at the human controllers, somewhere in the center of it all, that kept so many planes, pilots, and passengers safely navigating such a busy, congested slice of earth.

During the busiest times, there were multiple planes taking off and landing every minute.  They were lined up at the terminal.  They were lined up on the taxi way.  They were lined up for take-off.  They were even lined up in the air.  Like some giant orchestrated aeronautical square dance, where all the dancers keep moving almost constantly and nobody gets out of step.  To do so could mean catastrophic death. 

The stress on the pilots must be great.  But the air traffic controllers must have absolute nerves of steal.  How could anyone want that job?  How could a person stand the pressure?  Perhaps because it’s not a person.  It’s many people. Each controller responsible for just his piece of the ground or sky.  Each pilot responsible for one plane.   Each tuned to the proper radio frequency.  Each talking, listening, directing, and obeying without question or argument.  Each doing only the part he is called to do. It’s the only way to keep the stress from becoming debilitating.  It’s the only way to keep the passengers safe.  It’s the only way to make Atlanta’s gigantic aeronautical square dance function. 

I wonder, what miraculous things might we see, if we could apply these principals to our homes, our churches, and our lives?