Oct 022011

The pool is closed.  We put the cover on it yesterday, but not before I took one last swim.  The water was a cool 72 degrees.  The air was just a little warmer, and the sun was shining through a clear blue sky.  The sparkling fresh water was just daring me to jump in.  I did it.  The water was cold and a little bit of a shock, but I jumped in anyway, and in the process, found joy.

There is something about acts like this that lift my sprit.  I don’t know why.  I hope it’s not a character flaw.  What I THINK I like, is to be comfortable.  To sit and relax.  To do the easy things.  To do the usual, normal things.  But what I find brings me joy is to suck it up every now and then and force myself to do something just a little out of that box.  I couldn’t resist the urge to add to my “Fun things I did this year” resume: Went swimming in October.  Been there, done that.   What’s next?