Oct 022011

The pool is closed.  We put the cover on it yesterday, but not before I took one last swim.  The water was a cool 72 degrees.  The air was just a little warmer, and the sun was shining through a clear blue sky.  The sparkling fresh water was just daring me to jump in.  I did it.  The water was cold and a little bit of a shock, but I jumped in anyway, and in the process, found joy.

There is something about acts like this that lift my sprit.  I don’t know why.  I hope it’s not a character flaw.  What I THINK I like, is to be comfortable.  To sit and relax.  To do the easy things.  To do the usual, normal things.  But what I find brings me joy is to suck it up every now and then and force myself to do something just a little out of that box.  I couldn’t resist the urge to add to my “Fun things I did this year” resume: Went swimming in October.  Been there, done that.   What’s next?

  3 Responses to “Swimming in Cold Water”

  1. A chip off of the old block. love you son, dad

  2. Never lose the wonder, brother. Not a character flaw, a character plus. I think you might have learned how it feels spiritually to just let go and LET GOD bring the REFRESHING JOY for that little boy that’s still very much alive inside of you!!!

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