Mar 302016

I saw a sign yesterday that was advertising for a divorce lawyer. It promised a quick and easy divorce with a headline promising to help “Undo I do.” At first I noticed the clever phrase, then I considered if it was even possible for a divorce to be quick and easy. I think not. And the more I thought about it, I realized it’s not even possible to undo “I do.”

You can’t undo a promise. You can’t unsay it. You can pretend it never happened or you can say you didn’t mean it, but you can’t unpromise it. Once you make a promise, there are only two real possibilities. You can either keep it, or break it.

Strange as it may seem, that’s still one more option than God has.

Aug 242010

The light was yellow.   A big truck was in my rear view mirror.   I had to decide fast.  Slam on the brakes or go on through?  I went on through.  The light turned red.   Was the camera watching?  Will I receive a ticket in the mail?  If I had stopped in time, would the truck have done the same?

We all face yellow lights in life.  Sometimes we make the right decision.  Sometimes we don’t.  The consequences aren’t always a reliable indicator of a good decision.   We may never know what the outcome of the “un-chosen” option would be.  So, we pray, we listen, we do our best, and we keep driving, forgetting what is behind, and pressing on toward the goal.