May 312019

John 18:40 of the Bible (NET version) says “Now Barabbas was a revolutionary.” Remember Barabbas? When Jesus was arrested, Pilot gave the people a choice to release one man. Barabbas was the guy the people chose to release rather than Jesus. I think it’s bizarre that the people demanded a REAL revolutionary be released so they could hold Jesus for crucifixion, accusing him of being . . . a revolutionary.

The Jews accused Jesus of declaring himself king and thus trying to overthrow Rome. It was an excuse. A ploy they used to trap Pilot in a corner where he had no choice but to hand Jesus over for punishment. Amazingly, their very actions brought about his crucifixion and set in motion the miraculous events that birthed the biggest “revolution” of human history.

It never ceases to amaze me how blind and confused sin and evil can be. Sometimes it even encourages me. It makes me realize that evil does not require my efforts to defeat it. If I maintain my integrity and, with a good attitude, continue to do right, evil will in time often bring about its own destruction. Perhaps it is true that all evil needs to prevail is for good men to do nothing. But maybe the “something” that good men should do does not require us to strive against every evil we find in the world. That’s exhausting. Perhaps the “something” good people should do is to faithfully work at doing, and being, good ourselves. Then as God’s lite shines through us, darkness disappears.

Feb 072011

I saw Saturn early this morning.  So did a lot of other people, they just didn’t notice.  Anyone who glanced at the sky could have seen it.  From here on Earth, it looks like a star of average brightness.  Until you look through a telescope. 

A telescope brings a wonder that is high above into earthly view.  It has no light of it’s own, but when properly aligned, a telescope collects and magnifies the light, allowing others to see Heavenly sites.  It doesn’t take a big telescope to see amazing things, just one that is pointed in the right direction.

Someday, I want to be a telescope.

Nov 152010

I looked three times for something last night. I looked three times in the same place. I was almost sure that’s where it was, but three times and I still couldn’t find it? So I looked elsewhere. I still couldn’t find it, until this morning. This morning I got a flashlight and looked for the fourth time in the same place. There it was. It had been there the whole time. How could I have missed it even after looking right at it THREE times?  What was lost was now found, and the light made all the difference.

In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.
    – John 1:4  NASB