Haiti Youth Retreat – March 2011


Youth Retreat – March 4th – 9th

Update 03/11/11

I posted some pictures and comments at this link.  I may post some more as time permits.


Update – 03/08/2011

It is the end of the last day of the 2011 Youth Retreat.  It was a wonderful day.  A great ending to a terrific youth retreat.  What else can I say but Praise the Lord!  And thank you all for  your support and prayers. 

I’m leaving the green suitcase. 



We’re getting ready for the 2011 Haiti Youth Retreat.  This year’s theme will be “War & Peace.”  If that sounds a lot like last year’s theme, that’s because it IS last year’s theme.  I had made plans to go last year, but the earthquake hit and my flight was cancelled.   So I’m trying again this year! 

If you want to help provide some of the supplies needed, the list is below.   Some of the items could easily be purchased by multiple people.  i.e.  buy 1 bible, 5 pairs sunglasses, etc. and someone else could also buy a bible, sunglasses, etc.  If you can’t help by providing materials, you can ALL help by praying.  Also, if you would be interested in going with me (this time or some other time), let me know. 

Needs List

2,000 Q-tips  – Got em.  Thanks Tammy!
200 straws  (regular size, straight, not bendable kind, i.e. able to shoot a Q-Tip )
4 rolls of duct tape in 4 different colors
20 rolls of Life Savers in the classic fruit flavors (not mint ones)
20 bags of Skittles, or better, 20 bags of StarBurst candies with at least 4 colors per bag
20 sunglasses (cheap dollar store ones are fine)
1 set devil horns
1 small devil’s pitchfork
1 angel halo  Tom & Annis got this (along with some wings too.)  Thanks!
20 small, inexpensive compasses that will point north
20 large trash bags
10 kids board puzzles (e-mail me for more details)  Tammy got them!
4   2  full size flat bed sheets (old ones are fine)
4   2 French Bibles (can purchase here among other places)
AA  Batteries

Games and activities will include:  A Q-Tip war, belly button war, finding north with a broken compass, making snow and more.

If you have purchased some of the items above, you may post a comment below just so others will know and not get the same thing.  I will try to keep the listed updated.

Thanks so much for your help and support!


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  1. Hallelujah praise the Lord

  2. HALLELUJAH, too! Forgot to add my name to the above comment. kerry


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