Jun 252013

I have been thinking about rainy days lately.  In recent weeks, we have had our share of cloudy days.  A few weeks ago, the basement flooded again.  We had allowed the gutters to get clogged, so the rainwater just poured beside the house and made a mess.  But that is not really what I have been pondering.

What has been on my mind, is that not all rainy days are bad.  I remember one drizzly day long ago.  Tammy and I were not yet dating.  We connected with friends, took a long walk on a damp day and enjoyed each other’s company.  Our clothes were nearly soaked as we walked along a railroad track.  I can’t really explain why it was such a wonderful day.  Perhaps deep down we knew there is something special about a person who will walk in the rain, just to be with you.

I also remember a day a few years ago at Cloudland Canyon State Park.  We went to bed one night planning a hike for the next morning.  When we woke up, it was raining.  I was disappointed.  I thought the rain would ruin the hike.  When it slowed to a sprinkle, we decided to go anyway.  Packing snacks and a rain poncho in our backpacks, we started out.  I figured we would get drenched.  That’s not what happened.

While we hiked through the woods on the way to the canyon, the occasional sprinkle gave way to a cool, gentle mist.  As we approached the canyon overlook, I thought we wouldn’t see anything.   I was wrong.  What we saw were misty clouds gently floating in the canyon, giving an occasional glimpse of the far side canyon wall.  It was as if we were standing on an island in the clouds, and it was magical.

If there is any point to this post it is simply this:  Not all rainy days are bad.  Some can be wonderful, or even magical, if you give them a chance.