Jul 292013

He sat in the corner of the fast food restaurant, squeezing the contents of a handful of ketchup packets onto his tray. When he finished emptying the last packet, he quietly rose from his seat and went to the counter for another hand full of ketchup packets, then back to his seat, where he opened each one and squeezed every possible drop of its contents onto the tray. The process repeated and continued as the mound of ketchup grew larger and the french fries grew colder.

The man loved ketchup. He never seemed to be able to get enough, so this time, he had decided to take all he wanted. Even as the red mound grew to cover half his tray, it never occurred to him that it might be a little excessive. People at nearby tables began to stare, whisper, and point. They had similar problems in their lives, only not with ketchup.