Oct 252010

Sam and I played “disc golf” yesterday. For those of you who are not up on the latest sports, disc golf is like regular golf except you throw a Frisbee to a basket instead of hitting a golf ball to a hole. It’s fun, cheap, and good exercise. (I know of no disc golf course where you ride your lazy butt around in a cart.) 

The course we played yesterday was in the woods. There were little cleared paths along the route. I guess if you could throw really straight, you would be fine.  Sam and I are pretty new at it so we spent a lot of time in the weeds, mostly after bouncing the disc off a tree.  We had fun anyway.  Whenever we would hit a tree, we would just pick up the disc and throw it again.  We went through all 18 baskets that way.

When we left, the trees along the course had quite a few more dents than when we started.  Our discs are now sporting a few more nicks, chips and scratches too.  It’s all just part of the game.  With determination, perseverance, and a good attitude, we made it to every basket, finished the course, and went home happy.

That was Sunday afternoon.  Today is Monday, and it still feels like I am spending a lot of time bouncing off trees . . .