Apr 292013

Yesterday, I heard on the news about a prominent athlete who “came out” and admitted he was gay.  That was good news.  I am all in favor of honesty.  What was bad news to me was the way it was received.  So many people were so supportive, from the President of the United States on down.  The reason, the media postulated, for such wide acceptance was because a large portion of the population involved in sports are young.  And the vast majority of young people aged 18 to 30, believe the gay lifestyle should be accepted.  That, to me, was the bad news.

Since the Bible teaches that the homosexual lifestyle is wrong, that means most young adults in our society have pretty much decided to ignore the Bible and make up their own rules of right and wrong.  Our country is in trouble.  I prayed to God that He would not allow evil to prosper.  That He would not allow wrong doers (including me) to get away with sin.  I prayed that sinners would reap the consequences of the lifestyle they sow, and that they would know the reason for the consequences.  It’s a scary prayer, because it includes me.  But now more than ever, I realize that reward and punishment is a good thing.  That sowing and reaping is vital for the maintenance of righteousness.  And that a God who loves me cannot forever allow me to live content in my sin.

Jan 082013

The recent violence in this country, acts of pure evil carried out by what could only be godless, devil possessed pawns, is enough to bring many to despair, and all to unanswered questions.  Shooting innocent children in school.  Spraying bullets in a movie theatre.  Gunning down random people in the street.  Most everyone is saying something must be done to stop the violence.  I would agree.

That said, I can’t help but believe there is something wrong with a culture that would look at the violence and blame the piece of metal that sprays the bullets, all the while flocking to the number one movie at the box office last week:  The latest chapter of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.”