Sep 162014

Yesterday afternoon, as I drove west on the interstate, the setting sun glared in my eyes.  There were a few clouds just below on the horizon, but the sun was still too high for them to provide any protection for my tired, squinting eyes.  It was hard to focus on the road.

I thought about how we sometimes use the expression  “clouds on the horizon” to mean trouble ahead, and wondered if maybe we were being a bit too harsh to the clouds.  A few minutes later, the sun dropped a little lower and the clouds did their work.  Instead of tired eyes squinting into a harsh, bright sun, my eyes were now feasting on the beauty of a glorious sunset.  The clouds diffused the overpowering sun and erupted in a colorful chorus of praise to the Creator.  I praised Him too.  A few clouds made the view of my westward journey an intimate treasure.

I woke this morning thinking about what I might learn from the clouds.  The simple lesson came through.  And so I pray this morning, that God will send just enough clouds in my life to keep me focused on the road.  And that He will use those clouds to make my life a thing of beauty, for His glory.