AT&T U-verse Remote Codes for Vizio TV


If you are looking for AT&T U-verse remote control codes that work with a Vizio TV try 1429, 1433 or 1439.  1433 worked for me, but it sure was a pain to find.  Also, I have posted some additional info from Vizio and a scanned copy of the HDTV section of the remote booklet.  If this works for you, please take a moment to post a response.   If you have a little more time, check out this post:  Where’s the Remote?



Update : Based on some of the comment postings below, here are the codes that may be worth a try.  To all of you who posted a comment, thanks!

Codes for Vizio TVs include:   1004 1009 1343  1413 1419  1429  1433  1439  1449  1459  1489

Below is an excerpt of an email from Vizio support.  If the codes above don’t work for you, I would suggest you try some of the options they have listed.


We have a variety of codes to program universal remotes. You will need to select the appropriate code from the below list.

2-Digit Remote Code

3-Digit Remote Codes

502 627 004 113 505 011

4-Digit Remote Codes

1758 0178 1756 0128 0117 1017 1078 0030 0056 0205 1004 1292 0056

5-Digit Remote Codes

10178 10117 11756 11758 01377 10885 10864 10120

You can also try any codes listed for LG or Goldstar as they
are similar.

If this does not resolve your problem please contact our
technical support when you are in front of the TV and are able to further
troubleshoot. You may contact us at (877) MY-VIZIO. 877.698.4946 or chat with us at


AT&T Uverse Remote Help

And  here is a link  to AT&T’s Uverse Remote Control help.

And another one Here.


Uverse Remote Codes for HDTV

Uverse Remote Codes for HDTV – Cont.

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  1. Has anyone found a code for an AT Uverse remote to work on a VISIO M501dA2R

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