Nov 282015

Tom Adams sat behind his big desk, writing out his agenda for the merger.  He had it all figured out.  He was good at seeing what needed to be done, making an agenda, checking things off and getting things done.  It’s why he was the boss.

Meanwhile, there were other agendas being created.  Tom’s wife was making her list.  Cleaning house and washing clothes.  Dinner tonight.  A weekend with Tom.  Perhaps going to church together on Sunday.  She hoped as she scribbled it down with her pen, but felt adding it to the agenda for the week-end was a waste of ink.

Tom’s daughter also had an agenda.  School work, hang out at the mall with friends, piano recital.  She wondered if her dad would be there, then struck it from her agenda.  He wouldn’t come.  Why should she let it bother her.  If he didn’t care, neither would she.

Somewhere else, there were unseen agendas.  God had his written down long ago.  His agenda for mankind.  His agenda for Tom Adams . . .  Seek Me.  Love Me.  Know Me.  Enjoy holy fellowship with Me.  Love others.  Give yourself and gain your soul . . . and many other things too wonderful for Tom to comprehend.

Elsewhere, in a dark place not far from the office, the devil was making his agenda for Tom.  Become too busy.  Become too important.  Focus on self.  Abuse  power.  Ignore the needs of those around you.  Make money and possessions your priority.  His list was long, and easy to make.

Later that evening, as his wife and daughter got up from the cold dinner table and headed for the piano recital, Tom was walking into the boardroom.  As the meeting began, he tried to assert his first agenda point, but hit some resistance from others.  That’s when it occurred to him that others might have an agenda too.  He thought about it only for a second, then decided his plan was best.  His way was better.  He brushed them off, overruled them all, and pushed through his own agenda.

. . . and somewhere in a nearby dark place, the devil smiled, licked his pen, and checked one off his list.

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