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A coworker / neighbor / friend of mine writes a blog I like to read.  She also participates in a writing exercise where one takes a list of words and uses them in a poem or short prose.  I decided to give it a try, maybe bending the rules (or taking the easy way) by using them in a flash-fiction type story.  Even so, it was fun.  Every sentence of the story below has at least one of the words in it.  Thanks Sabra, and Brenda’s The Sunday Whirl for the inspiration!

The Sunday Whirl 117

The Sunday Whirl 117

It was very late  when she left the lab and headed for her car.  She had a sick feeling it was a mistake to stay until late into the night, but she had so much work to do and her workaholic conscience just would not let her leave until it was done.  As she walked through the dark parking lot, she was thinking about how she would spend the rest of the night together with some friends.  Although she did not detect the danger hiding behind the green truck, she did listen to a voice from deep down in her soul.  She couldn’t quite translate it into words, but there was a voice, leading her to walk in a different direction.  She took only a second to ponder the Voice before changing direction and taking the long way to her car.  The police would later note that following an unexpected path had saved her life.


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  4 Responses to “A Word Game”

  1. Mark, I’m glad you tried the Sunday Whirl and that you enjoyed the writing. I enjoyed reading it. I like how you got all the words in a flash fiction piece. Great job! Keep writing.

  2. Lovely fiction but tells a lot!! Those voices within do guide us!!

  3. This was my first try and writing from the Sunday Whirl words. Thanks for the comments and encouragement. I do so much appreciate it!


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