Aug 182012

A few days ago, I saved a worm’s life.  He was wriggling like mad on the sidewalk, hopelessly removed from the comfort, safety, and security of the nearest dirt.  He must have crawled out there during a rain storm, got lost, and since he had no fingers with which to work his GPS, was doomed to wriggle around the concrete until exhausted and dried up.

Lucky for him, I came along and noticed his plight.  As I plucked him from the sidewalk, he screamed “Don’t eat me!”  I tried to assure him I was not an Early Bird, nor did I have similar culinary taste.  He was not convinced and therefore continued to wriggle frantically, trying to escape the discomfort of my pinching fingers.  It did not matter.  I tossed him to the dirt and continued on my way.  I saved a worms life.

I am sure if you were to discuss the incident with the worm, you would get an entirely different account of the events that occurred.  But then, he is a worm.  And I am a human being.  Our difference in perspective and capacity for understanding is vast.  Incomparable really.  Kinda like God and me.  Only God cares for me enough to die for me.  I would NOT go that far for a worm.


  3 Responses to “An Encounter With a Worm”

  1. Hey dad, I love your blog. You have a way of saying big things with a few easy to understand words. It’s a rare gift!

  2. I like your flash stories,Mark. Hope the worm made it!

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