Mar 182012

Our dog Charlie died.  It is a sad time at the Spruill house, but I knew it was coming.  He wouldn’t stay in the fence.  He wouldn’t stay on the run.  He escaped from most any collar.  If he pushed his way out the door, he would take off running, ignoring our calls and whistles.  He seemed to enjoy being defiant and running away.

We would call for him, but he wouldn’t come.  He would run all over the neighborhood.  On more than one occasion, we chased him through the neighbors’ yards, trying to get him to come home.  We would run after him and he would take off when he saw us coming.  He was about the least obedient dog I have ever owned.  And I knew that someday, it would get him killed.  Two nights ago, he escaped out of the house and ran off.  It was dark, so Tammy couldn’t see well enough to even attempt to find him.  Nor could the driver see soon enough to avoid him when he dashed across the highway.

Obedience would have saved his life.  Staying within the boundaries would have saved his life.  All the fences, chains, collars and schemes we worked to try to keep him safe certainly did prolong his life.   But in the end, he kept insisting on having it his way, and it caught up to him.  It always does.

God, if there are dogs in Heaven, let Charlie be there.  But just so I don’t meet him there too soon, please, keep the fences high, help me stay obedient, and don’t give up on me, no matter how dark it gets.

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  1. I am anonymous above… glitches in posting seem to be my spiritual gift. Kerry

  2. Sad to hear about Charlie. Sounds like our Beagle, the Oreo Pup. When he gets away from us, he will only come back to us when he sees us dangling bacon strips from a distance. Then once the bacon is in his belly, he acts all guilty and sorry that he was such a defiant dog. Jesus is a much better Master to us, than we are to our dog. Jesus paid the high price for a high fence called Calvary. We are too cheap to buy a fence for our backyard. Of course, determined disobedience will always sadly figure out a way to scale the fences no matter how high they are. Or dig under them?

    • Yes. He did more than his share of digging too. Our other dog, Annie, is ithe most obedient, loyal dog I have ever owned. She gets lots of freedom because of it.

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