Aug 242011

This is a rest area blog post.  I am writing it on my cell phone while sitting at an I-75 rest area somewhere between Chattanooga and Atlanta.  I was getting tired of driving, so I am taking a break.  If I stopped at every rest area along the way, it might be tough to make it to my destination.  But sometimes, when you are tired, stopping at a rest area is precisely what you need to do to insure you do make it to your destination.

I guess life has rest areas too.  I think maybe I have driven right by some where I should have stopped.  And, stopped at some I should have driven by.  Sometimes they are hard to recognize.   I guess the most important thing is to stay headed in the right direction.

Time to get back on the road.  Home is waiting.

  2 Responses to “Somewhere on I-75”

  1. I am right there with you. Actually, at the #51 mile marker, and the miles just keep on ticking by.

  2. I love rest areas… especially since I have gone past my #50 mile marker. 🙂

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