Jan 062018

I have a cold.  Snotty nose, stuffy head, scratchy throat, miserable nights trying to sleep and breathe, and all that stuff.  It’s a nuisance and an inconvenience, but it’s nothing life changing.  I’ve learned over the years that colds come and go.  There is nothing you can do but take some medicine, drink plenty of liquids, get some rest, and go on with life.  Whining and complaining does no good.  It only makes you feel more miserable.  It’s best to go on about your day, tissue in hand, and live life knowing that one day soon, this too shall pass.

Knowing it’s only temporary seems to be one of the keys to living through a cold without complaint.  If I were to contract a cold and someone told me it would last for years, then I think I would complain.  I would whine, pout, feel sorry for myself and ask God why He allowed such a hardship in my life.  But the common cold that lasts a few days, that I can handle. God has designed my immune system so that it will soon get the upper hand and the cold virus that seeks to invade and infect me will be eradicated.  The hardship is temporary.  In the end, I win.

I am trying lately, to take that attitude about bigger things.  Compared to eternity, this life is so very short and any hardship I face is only temporary.  With Jesus as Lord, God is in control.  And in the end, I win.

Sep 022013

Should we aspire to pass every test?  What if we are not ready for the work?  What if we are not up to the work’s challenge, lacking skills measured by the test, which are needed to conquer it?  Would I prefer to fail the test, or the challenge for which it measures my readiness?  Are there some challenges we can not afford to fail, so the prior tests must be passed before we face them?

What about God’s tests?  Are they preparation for a future challenge?  God knows the state of our preparedness, but do we?  Must we pass the test to provide ourselves with more knowledge of the Heavenly way?  Must we pass the test to prepare us for some challenge yet ahead?  Given the opportunity and foresight, would any wise person choose to face the challenge without first gaining the preparation and approval of a test successfully completed?

Is it possible that whatever tests the Lord brings my way, perhaps I would do well to view them as preparation for the challenges and victories yet ahead?