Oct 232014

The fire ants have invaded my driveway. They have dug their way down through one of the many cracks in the concrete and begun to excavate. The little buggers are almost unstoppable.

We treated the yard this past Spring, which has proved effective for keeping them out of the ground and grass around the house. Unfortunately, we didn’t treat the driveway.  We didn’t think we needed to. We were wrong. The ants have found the nice clean dirt beneath my driveway and are now busily moving it from under my driveway to the top, as they excavate their hidden tunnels. Treating all the dirt under the driveway would be a major effort, so I opted for Plan B.

Plan B basically involves using the ants natural instinct against them. Plan B, implemented this morning, began when I sprinkled a little Amdro Fire Ant Killer around the top of the ant city.  The greedy little food collecting workers check out the granules and think it’s food, so they grab it and take off back down the hole and under my driveway to store the “food.”  Plan B is so effective because what the ants think is food, is really a poison.  Plan B is lethal to fire ants and the queen deep inside the mound because the ants take the poison inside themselves.  I don’t have to pour it down the hole.  I just put a little near their home and watch the greedy ants grab it and pull it into their lair where they eat it, feed it to the queen, and all die.

I smiled this morning as I watched the ants start hauling the poison down their hole. It’s fun to watch them bring about their own demise.  With Plan B, I don’t have to do much.  Plan B uses the victims own instincts against them. I like plan B. It’s easy. Sometimes I feel a little guilty though. Plan B does seem a bit devilish. I think it’s because Plan B is one of the devil’s favorite plans too.  I wonder what poison he will sprinkle out today?


“For I see that you are poisoned by bitterness and bound by iniquity.”
   – Acts 8:23  NKJV

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