Jun 152011

A friend and neighbor gave me an old hymn book a while back.  I have thumbed through it a few times since, smiling as it brings to mind songs I haven’t sung since I was a kid.  Every now and then I can’t help but stop on a page and hum or sing a few words. 

I must be getting old.  Tonight I actually sat down with the hymn book and my guitar.  I cracked the book open and flipped a few pages, looking for a tune to play.  After a few casual page turns, I came to one.  It wasn’t long until my fingers were picking, my mouth was singing, and my heart was beating to the tune . . .

More about Jesus I would know,
More of His grace to others show;
More of His saving fullness see,
More of His love, who died for me.
More, More about Jesus . . .

I don’t really know who Hewitt and Sweney were, but they sure could write a decent song.  Copyright 1887, and still stuck in my head.

  2 Responses to “Stuck In My Head”

  1. Christ in you, the hope of glory! Sing it brother.

  2. Now that is my kind of song, it brought tears to my eyes. As an old timer I like many of the new songs but I do misss songs like this one. dad

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